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Media Trainings

Media and Camera Trainings

The appropriate Media Training

Media and camera trainings that perfectly meet the requirements of the participants.

Are your employees prepared for a statement or an interview in case of an incident? Does your switchboard staff know how to deal with uncomfortable callers from politics, media or the civil society – with and without language regime? And are employees who have little or no experience with incident and crisis communication sensitized to the topic? How would you react, for example, if a camera surprises you at the parking lot or the building entrance?

Crisis situations can turn into a nightmare if you are unprepared. Therefore, it is significant to regularly train an appropriate behavior for such situations and to learn how to deal with different stakeholders. These trainings can reduce uncertainties and create routines.

In professional media trainings, we prepare you and your team individually for challenging situations. Moreover, we practice the ideal communication behavior. Unicepta offers various training modules which are individually tailored to the tasks, prior knowledge and needs of the participants. The trainings will be carried out by our interdisciplinary team of humanities and law scholars, journalists and cameramen.

Update Corona:

Events and crises don't wait for the pandemic to end. Since face-to-face appointments are currently difficult to realize in most cases, we have converted our media trainings to digital trainings. Therby, we can continue to offer our services. Camera trainings can only be realized as face-to-face events. But even for these, we will find a custom-fit solution so that your employees and also our colleagues are protected in the best possible way. Please feel free to contact us  .

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