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Major Exercise

Major Exercise

We help you to outgrow yourself.

It is part of our desktop and staff exercises that participants develop processes and decisions in the safe environment of their own colleagues – quite contrary to the major exercise: In this case, the interaction with other crisis teams, with the fire brigade and authorities is trained. It is a large-scale exercise that is designed to help you internalize interactions with external institutions and stakeholders in addition to coordinate the crisis team and relevant internal departments. Such an exercise is recommended for established crisis management teams who want to face a new challenge.

Taking into account the processes and patterns of action of external institutions, the Unicepta trainers show the members of your crisis team how to deal with external positions in a conscious and safe manner. What decisions can be expected from the professional fire brigade? How does the police handle the scenario? What steps does the responsible ministry recommend?

A clear awareness of the behavior patterns of external parties offers your crisis team a significant advantage, especially with regard to scenario management.

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