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Brand Care and Reputation

Brand Care and Reputation

Brand Care and Reputation Management

Acceptance through reliable communication.

For us, brand care and reputation management start with precise detail work. Without communication, brand maintenance and reputation management are impossible. In the industrial parks in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and in Leuna we are involved directly in these topics. The employees of the companies know Unicepta for making a friendly and authentic site communication. We are convinced that many acceptance problems in our society today arise from a lack of knowledge and personal experience. We aim to counteract this problem with our work.

Most companies in the chemical parks are globally connected. Anyone who knows that these companies not only create jobs locally, but also drive innovations or produce everyday items from hair care to food packaging, is more willing to tolerate possible negative side effects. Therefore, Unicepta sees transparency as the essential key in times of crisis, but also in calm periods. This is what brand maintenance means to us.

Furthermore, we implement projects that specifically involve analyzing and optimizing a company's reputation among its stakeholder groups.

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